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Shop policies

The coffees are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

We will send an email list where you can find our spot coffees and origin coffees, origin coffees are available for pre-order. For pre-order we will send you first the final cupping profile and for bigger quantities a sample direct from origin, for smaller quantities we send the final cupping profile and a sample of the coffee on arrival at the warehouse in The Netherlands.

We don’t have a minimum order quantity, that means that you can buy one bag of 35 kilogram and up.

To buy coffee or samples from our shop, you have to agree to the following policies:


The customer is contracted to paying the price per kg which applies at the time of order, regardless of any discounts that may have been added at a later date.

Terms and conditions (in technical legal-ese):

Delivery terms: FOT (free on truck) on pallet + wrapping.

Payment terms: Net cash against invoice upon delivery.

Pick up/release: Immediately after receipt of payment.

Payment policies

We require payment up front of coffee shipment / release. We are a small company, without a lot of financing, and so we are using our financing to buy fresh coffees. We can hold in-stock coffees for up to 30 days free of charge. Any reservations that go beyond 30 days are subject to a 1.5% financing charge to cover our costs, and reservations may be cancelled if not followed up.

We aim to be as simple, professional, and transparent in the way we do business as possible. If you have questions about our payment policies, ask!

Sample policies

110 grams per sample with a maximum of 6 samples.

Refund policies

We stand behind all of our coffees — each one is cupped and approved in our lab upon arrival. If any coffees arrive in worse condition than the preshipment sample, we will immediately contact anyone who has made a reservation and try to find an alternative, or release the reservation.

Any coffees that arrive below our standard are immediately discounted and put on our Special Offer list. These are initially great coffees, with great prices paid to farmers, and in most cases still have a lot of the positive attributes that made us buy them in the first place. We think that they can still have a place in blends and other uses, and we believe that it is better to immediately discount them than wait around for them to get old.

Additional policies

If you are interested in samples or in reserving coffee, you can make a request here. We will get back to either confirm or ask for more information as soon as possible. All reservations will be handled in our normal way — you will get an email from us with an order confirmation detailing the coffees, amounts, prices, etc. for your approval, at which point the stock will be “reserved” for you.

If you want to see our full offer list, it will remain on our website as always: http://www.bridgetoorigin.com/shop/

We work with quality-focused coffee roasters all over the world. This means we will do our best to accommodate requests from any roasters who are interested. This also means that we do not send samples to private people, even if you are very coffee-interested. We will also have to reserve the right to decline requests for reservations based on logistics, draw-down times, insufficient information, or other reasons.

Please get in touch with us if you have questions!