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Origin Bridge

looking for the colombian coffee source?

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Colombia stands as a prominent producer of Arabica coffee beans, and our expertise lies in harnessing the advantages offered by its diverse microclimates, soil types, elevations, and environmental conditions to cultivate exceptional coffee beans.

Our farmers meticulously manage the entire harvesting and post-harvesting processes, ensuring the preservation of top-tier coffee quality. These critical factors, combined with our commitment to meticulous processing, yield a noticeable impact in the final cup, allowing us to discern distinctive notes and flavors in our coffee.


At Origin Bridge, we’re dedicated to the art of producing and offering premium green specialty coffee. Our unwavering commitment is to fairness, ensuring that every party involved, from the hardworking Colombian coffee farmer to the discerning coffee lover enjoying the best of Colombia’s bounty, benefits equitably.

With roots in both Colombia and The Netherlands, we bridge continents to bring our exceptional green specialty coffee to your doorstep, whether you’re savoring it in Europe or anywhere else around the globe. Experience the harmonious blend of quality, ethics, and international flavor that defines Origin Bridge.

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Our clients come first at Origin Bridge, and we are proud to work with some of the best known roasters