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Experience the essence of Colombian coffee without the caffeine jolt. Straight from the prestigious Finca El Caney in Risaralda, renowned for its top-grade natural and washed coffees, comes our latest creation: 2024 Decaf Coffee, boasting an impressive score of 85.5 points.

Our decaffeination process is as pure as the coffee itself. We utilize high mountain spring water combined with Ethyl Acetate (EA) derived from natural sources. EA, naturally occurring in coffee cherries as well as various fruits and vegetables, is obtained through a sugar cane-based process, ensuring no synthetic chemicals are introduced. This water-EA method gently extracts caffeine from the bean, preserving its natural structure and distinctive characteristics, without subjecting it to excessive heat or pressure.

Proudly the only Colombian coffee naturally decaffeinated at its origin, our Decaf Coffee is 99.9% caffeine-free, providing the same rich flavor and aroma you love, without the stimulating effects.

avg 85.5



Weight 35 kg
Estimated arrival date Europe In stock
Processing Method decaffeinated
Status Spot
Crop year 2024
Warehouse location Netherlands
Weight 35kg bag