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Luz Marina

Over a century ago, Luz Marina’s ancestors ventured deep into the lush forests of Risaralda, seeking a new home. They discovered La Maria farm, a pristine and untouched paradise. Their arrival marked the beginning of a family legacy intertwined with this fertile land.

The family’s pioneering spirit and unwavering dedication have nurtured La Maria farm over the years, cultivating a deep connection with the land. Today, under Luz Marina’s guidance, the farm thrives as a living testament to this enduring bond, where time seems to stand still, and nature’s beauty remains unspoiled. La Maria farm embodies a family’s legacy of living in harmony with the land and preserving its purity for generations to come.

From that moment on, the land of La Maria became a thriving home to both coffee and banana trees. Coffee cultivation has remained the primary source of sustenance for three generations of Luz Marina’s family. La Maria farm enjoys the advantage of favorable weather conditions. However, beyond this inherent advantage, Luz Marina’s unwavering commitment to her agricultural craft has been instrumental in enhancing and refining their practices.

This diligent effort has borne fruit in the form of a coffee that boasts a remarkable balance and sweetness. The farm has emerged as a testament to the fusion of the region’s natural blessings and Luz Marina’s dedication, resulting in coffee that embodies a perfect harmony of flavor and quality.


Sales number LM22-305
Weight 35 kg
Crop year 2022
Plant Varietal Caturra
Processing Method Washed
Fermentation process 24h in cherry and 48h in mucilage
Drying process Direct sunlight
Status Spot
Estimated arrival date Europe Arrived
Warehouse location Netherlands
Packaging Grainpro
Origin Colombia
Location Belén De Umbría, Risaralda
Estate La Maria
Farmer Luz Marina
Topography Mountainous
Altitude 1650MASL
Avg. Humidity 65%
Avg. Temperature 20℃
Weight 35kg box

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Average 84.5

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