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Elida Urbano

Hello, I am Elida Urbano, I am 42 years old, I am a producer and owner of finca El Aguacate, in the municipality of Buesaco Nariño. We purchased our farm 22 years ago and 18 years ago we started planting coffee, I live here on the farm with my husband and my 3 children and we all work on the farm except my little daughter who is still studying and we have 5 more workers in the harvest season. 

The size of Finca El Aguacate is 2 hectares and is located at an altitude of 2,200 Masl, in which 8,000 coffee trees are planted, and it produces 2,000 kilos. In addition to coffee, we produce corn, cassava, beans, anise, roots, which are used for our own food.

In harvest we only pick the ripe cherries, which is taken to processing where a fermentation and washing process is carried out, and then dried in raised beds in which it can take from 15 to 25 days, due to the climate that is influenced by the Paramo high-altitude ecosystem. After drying, it is manually reselected and packed in sealed bags for storage.

Since we started growing coffee on the farm, there have been many changes in the area, since previously there were no roads and we had the presence of armed groups in the area. Now we have benefited from the roads to transport the coffee and because the armed groups have left this area, we receive training and support to grow coffee in a more environmentally friendly way and fertilize with organic materials. Thanks to these trainings we are cultivating with agroecological practices that have improved the quality of the coffee and for this reason we have been able to obtain better economic remuneration for our product.


Sales number AG22-307
Weight 35 kg
Crop year 2022
Plant Varietal Caturra
Processing Method Washed
Fermentation process 24h in cherry
Drying process Raised drying beds
Moisture content 10%
Status Spot
Estimated arrival date Europe Arrived
Warehouse location Netherlands
Packaging Grainpro
Origin Colombia
Location Buesaco, Nariño
Altitude 2200 masl
Estate El Aguacate
Farm size 2 hectare
Farmer Elida Urbano
Topography Mountainous
Avg. Humidity 60%
Avg. Temperature 19℃
Weight 35kg bag

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Average 84.75